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The backyard of the Bronx. Population 200,000, 18 square miles.
McLean Avenue divides Yonkers from the Bronx.
by Phil January 25, 2004
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Contrary to popular belief, Yonkers is one of the safest cities in the United States if you consider that Yonkers is about 200,000 strong. People who tout otherwise are disinterested in using logic and/or facts. To their credit, Southwest Yonkers (home of the lovely Schlobaum and Mulford Gardens) is absolutely brutal.

The city is coming around. With its perfect residence on the Hudson River (which is a great landmark nobody cares about), Yonkers is rebuilding the waterfront and looking to return to its roots when the city was tabbed, "The City of Gracious Living."
"Mulford Gardens is, by all accounts, a notorious public housing project: a cracking, leaking behemoth in southwest Yonkers that is teeming with crack addicts, reeking of urine, infested with mice and devoid of any soothing greenery or recreational space that its name might suggest. The rest of the city is quite nice."
by Trendon October 29, 2005
The ghetto north of the Bronx.
Just a few decades ago, the Bronx landscape used to be pretty different; now the same can be said for Yonkers.
by NewYorkDude June 22, 2004
north of nyc city where it is becoming more ghetto as time passes. most of it is from the low income housing that are built right by places like cross county, mt vernon west train station, and various mcdonalds. it also has many hispanics on the sides of major roads waiting for jobs. some parts of it are nice tho.
yo jeepsta yo there are so many homies in yonkers its crazy like them mexicanos on prozac tryin to hit a pinata full of coffee beans
by the jeepsta November 26, 2004
What should be the 5th borough of NY
Incorporate Y-O and get rid of Staten Island, it has nothing in common with the rest of the city and it smells like Jersey
by DMX November 25, 2003
Greatest city in New York. Contrary to what many believe, it's actually a very livable and vibrant city.
Stay out of the ghettos though, there's nothing to do down there.
by Matt March 23, 2005
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