Insane, curly-haired Israeli boy from Staten Island who compulsively complains about anything and everything while searching for his purpose on earth. Yoni has been known to claim to get 55's on exams while achieving the highest grade in the class, as well as lie compulsively about the random appearance of rare stone-encrusted Rolls-Royce hub caps.
Yoni bitched for three consecutive days about his F on the Astronomy mid-term when in actuality he got an AA (he actually got two A's on one test, an unprecedented feat prior to his enrollment at Binghamton University).
by Confucious Metelitsa April 18, 2005
Top Definition
The Sanskrit word for female genitals. Translates to "source of all life" or "sacred space."
May I please enter your yoni?
by Jan Robinson December 02, 2003
the female reproductive organ. a man has a lingam, a woman has a yoni.
she dropped her drawers and we all saw her yoni
by Anonymous June 04, 2001
indian (hindi) word for vagina. references to this word are found in Kamasutra.
She let me touch her sweet yoni last night.
by Chodu July 08, 2005
1.The female reproductive organ. 2.A stylized euphemism for 'vagina'.
"Should I shave my Yoni tonight?"
by NaNcIbOi November 04, 2003
Main Entry: yo·ni
Pronunciation: \ˈyô-nç\
Function: noun
Etymology: Sanskrit, vulva
Date: 1799
Her yoni was a place of pleasure
by T. Trosper May 29, 2008
The coolest person you will ever meet. Often Referred to as "That nigga" Will choke someone if you do stupid things.
Yo that man Yoni? He be that nigga.
by Some Bitch named Deltrice October 02, 2011
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