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shut the fuck up
shut the fuck up
by satan6969r June 30, 2012
Basically means "carpe diem" for stupid people. It's an acronym for "you only live once."
Person 1: I yelled "YOLO" and ran out of class today.
Person 2: What are you, stupid?
by Roger Nadsworth June 13, 2012
an excuse to have sex with any guy you see
Girl 1: Should I hit up Dave for a booty call? I don't wanna seem like a slut.
Girl 2: Yolo.
by dude121212 June 11, 2012
A stupid word invented by Drake meaning, 'You only live once'.

It is often used by butt pirates in song, and by inbred/handicapped people who cannot manage to say the entire phrase.
"Yolo, yolo a faggot's life for me!"

-Butt Pirates
by sOMeonEUNo April 30, 2012
Your Opinion Lacks Originality

A term used condescendingly in reply of someone saying YOLO
Tool: Tonight is going to be crazy...YOLO
Normal Human: I can't wait...YOLO
by Brayson April 29, 2012
Stands for "You only live once". It's used as an excuse to be able to do bad things like drugs and kill people. It is super popular in California right now, kids in elementary school like to draw a giant "YOLO" on a piece of paper and put it on the front of their binder to use as a "cool" cover. It is considered to be not 100% bad, it also can mean that you only live once so try to make the most out of this life, and do GOOD things.
Dereck: Hey hottie you wanna smoke a cigarette?

Alice:No! I don't take these kind of offers from guys. I don't smoke, so don't pressure me like that.
Dave: Yolo. How about trying one?

Alice: I'm going to report you for peer pressure and harassment.
Dereck: Ya ok. Fine. But I really recommend cocaine and marijuana!
Alice: Leave me alone. Go away. You guys aren't very cool.
by Catchy words October 10, 2013
Yolo doesn't mean having sex, it doesn't mean doing drugs, it doesn't mean anything else that is considered uncivilized.

Yolo is doing something that really matters in your life, something that will actually make you a somebody, something that will change your life.

Life is shorter than we think, don't waste it.
You only live once. ;)
Yolo, don't be stupid. Do something in you life.
by Lang Li December 07, 2012