That thing that morons say.

by Demon with a God Complex July 19, 2014
That thing that morons say.

by Demon with a God Complex July 19, 2014
A shit excuse for doing what could be suicide or result in jail. It means you only live once, but thats because teens couldn't learn Carpe Diem
Some random kid at school: YOLO MUTHERFACKERS!!! *runs out*
Me: Did that kid LITERALLY just do say yolo and run?! *LMFAO*
by Motherfucking Mario July 16, 2014
A saying that pisses 95% of the population off
Idiot: Oh well, YOLO!
3000 people: *dies from seething anger and intense cringe attacks*
by heartofglass June 25, 2014
What fucking faggots say. Supposed to be said before doing something risky but most people use it before going out of the house in pajamas or with no makeup. An exuse to do something really stupid or really fucking gay.
"Dude, lets go to hollister and buy new 70$ pre ripped jeans!"
"Okay! Yolo!"
"Shutup you faggots!"
by Pissed Off White Nuk June 24, 2014
Preppy hipsters or cool people think it comes from Drake,
But if we take a few years back, we'll realise that in actual fact it was sung by a legend of a guy and owned by a great band.
Mitch lucker sang this in 'you only once so just go fucking nuts'
So thats where it comes from, dont say it unless you where its from !
Preppy idiot: Hey my mum said i cant go to eddie'sparty but YOLO!
person who knows stuff: Do you know who Mitch Lucker is?
preppy idiot: No
person who knows stuff: Suicide silence ?
preppy idiot: No why?
person who knows stuff: thats where yolo is from the idiot !
You Only Live Once unless your a magical unicorn from the land of dildos then you only live once X100 000 000 000 so basically unlimted
I tend to scream yolo while eating a hamburger
by qwertyumadbro June 19, 2014

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