it means you only live once. at once it was a popular word now it is just made fun of or used ironically.

it can also mean a slang term for sucide

ironic kid tweeting: "skipping over breakfast #yolo!"

sad kid tweeting: "i dont want to live on this planet any more #yolo"
by boneybut January 04, 2014
Y= You
O= Only
L= Love
O= Oreos
Dude 1 : Man Yolo
Dude 2 : What did I do?
Dude 1 : I said you only love oreos. You eat that every minute
by RadYorkCity December 14, 2013
a word that everybody thought drake the rapper made up but no. The phrase came from the song you only live once by suicide silence. Suicide Silence in a hardcore metal band. They were out of a singer for about a year after there lead screamer mitch lucker died in a terrible motorcycle crash. But they have recruited a new screamer named Eddie Hermida from the band All Shall Perish In The Morning. Yolo literally means you only live once. Which means you only live one life so live it to the fullest. But most dumbasses use this phrase like it is nothing like "I just broke my leg but yolo" NO!!!!! that is not the proper way to use it!!!! Basically drake stole this lyric from suicide silence because you only live once came out on may 24th 2011 and drakes song came out on December 7th 2011. All in all Suicide Silence came up with the phrase but Drake just made it popular to the stupid people around the world.
guy:hey im gonna jump off the roof cause yolo
Other guy: yolo is a suicide silence phrase and its you only live once and it doesn't mean do crazy things like that
by emily_carlileperry December 12, 2013
Well you might as well sit down and shoot yourself because
you now have another reason to unload a minigun on your face.

Yolo stands for "you only live once" which is pretty fricken obvious, and it is frequently spammed on message boards and Facebook by teenagers and pre-teens.
Swagola: YOLO
Killer: *pulls out knife and stabs swagola*
Myth confirmed.
by SaviourZealot November 04, 2012
Carpe diem for idiots
Dude: wow, i can't believe i did that, yolo
by poseidongirl7 September 24, 2012
You obviously lack originality
People think they're Drake cos they can say the acronym YOLO again , NEVER say this at a funeral

'Shes such a slut her favorite acronym is YOLO
by PussayMuncherrr August 04, 2012
A type of pasta
Dude, that YOLO was delish!
by pasta master July 30, 2012

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