yolo is the abbreviation for you only live once and a dumbass' way of doing the stupidest shit possible, made by drake. mainly used by twelvies. also can mean you obviously lack originality, you obviously love oreos, or you obviously love oranges.
me:dude did you seriously give abbey anal?
friend: yeah man yolo
me:your fucking twelve
friend: YOLO
by imneveronline December 30, 2012
by trintyb kirchhefer June 03, 2014
Hipster bullshit that people use as an excuse for doing some dumbass thing
Guy 1: I heard your tried to kill yourself by jumping into niagra falls
Guy 2:Yeah I did it for the YOLO
by Matt1314Class1314 February 19, 2014
An exclamation of the finite nature of human existence. Commonly used as an excuse by people of average and/or below average intelligence to act in a moronic, often lewd and detrimental manner.
Judd - Hey Skeeter, jump off the roof into the hot tub!
Skeeter - Hell yeah dude! Yolo!
by FatAndrew February 02, 2014
A word used by kids who are trying to be gangsters all the time.

Your grandma: "Kids these days, so crazy!"
by winkwinknudgenudge1234 January 27, 2014
A character from the hit show Justified named after the phrase 'You only live once' who (spoiler alert) got killed by Patton Oswalt's character.
From Justified, season 4:
Picker: Who's that?
Raylan Givens: That's the man who killed Yoohoo.
Patton Oswlat: Yolo.
Raylan Givens: Whatever.
by Stavri January 22, 2014
it means you only live once. at once it was a popular word now it is just made fun of or used ironically.

it can also mean a slang term for sucide

ironic kid tweeting: "skipping over breakfast #yolo!"

sad kid tweeting: "i dont want to live on this planet any more #yolo"
by boneybut January 04, 2014
Y= You
O= Only
L= Love
O= Oreos
Dude 1 : Man Yolo
Dude 2 : What did I do?
Dude 1 : I said you only love oreos. You eat that every minute
by RadYorkCity December 14, 2013

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