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A sub genre of House Music which has been perpetuated by teenage club goers who have no concept of actual music. A typical Yolo House song will have a driving 4/4 beat which also serves as the bass-line due the subby nature of the kick drum. The beat is accompanied by cheesy supersaws playing simplistic and repetitive melodies. Some Yolo House songs will also feature a high pitched percussive sound which plays nursery rhyme-esque melodies; a sort of reflection on the mental age of Yolo House listeners.
The once great band Pendulum succumbed to mediocrity with the release of "LRAD" under their "Knife Party" moniker. LRAD is an archetype for the Yolo House sound. Another fantastic example would be the overplayed "Animals" by budding Yolo House producer Martin Garrix.
by tiesto69 December 14, 2013
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