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A "yokel" is a hybrid of man and hairy beast (much like that of an ape or Big Foot). The yokel's diet consists of nothing more than Camel Wides, and the occasional glass of water.

Main hobbies of the yokel include ranting about vairous computer/technical issues ,ghetto rigging jeeps to be lifted to heights that could be considered unsafe or stable, and assembling various firearms in his basement.

Increasingly the yokel has been sighted crusing around on his motorcycle in his all leather attire braging about how cheap the cycle is to operate and own.

Any differance of opinion from the yokel's has been known to send him into intense rants about how he/it is right, so use caution when expressing your ideas.
The local yokel can be sighted anywhere at anytime trying to prove you wrong.
by The Gang June 01, 2004
8 19
peasant, hick, hayseed
by Larstait November 06, 2003
207 47
A hick, redneck, etc. Commonly referred to Niko by Vlad in GTA4.
Vlad: You remember Ivan?
Niko: No.
Vlad: (shows picture) This guy.
Niko: Oh, yes. You guys had a little kiss.
Vlad: Very funny. What would you see if I told he was going to rob your cousin?
Niko: I'd say: 'What problem does he got with my cousin?'
Vlad: (phone rings) Hold on.
(answers phone)
Vlad: Hey. Hey, gorgeous, no. I can't talk right now. What are you wearing? Listen, I'll call you back.
(to Niko)
Vlad: Sorry.
Niko: Who was that?
Vlad: Never you mind.
Niko: Was it Ivan?
Vlad: Oh, that's funny. You know, for a damn yokel you're a very funny guy.
Niko: (laughing) Yes. And for an annoying dick, you're really an annoying dick.
Vlad: Well, it is a shame then that I am the guy with the powerful friends, and you are the little punk who's only friend is a fat weasel who drives a fucking cab!
by kmewzaz June 17, 2008
119 22
A general term given to any inbred, red-necked hick.
"Some foks'll never eat a skunk, but then again, some folks'll, like Cletus the slack-jawed yokel."
by Ranga McFip October 13, 2004
115 41
A bucktoothed,hillbilly, river rat, (slack jawwed yokel)Some1 who was born in tha country and isnt street smart. talks with a goofy southern accent.eats squirell. usually named Cletis(tha slack jawwed yokel) Can be a diss for somebody living in the country.
I heard alabama's full of Yokels up in tha boonies.
by hatabitchsmacka February 05, 2004
93 58
a rural person = country bumpkin
Some smelly yokel came in and tried to flirt with the cashier.
by Light Joker October 16, 2005
33 18
A hillbilly being who roast goats and sodomises or auctions of their children to more desperate yokels.Incest a game the whole family can play is enjoyed by the majority of yokels (the other minority dont have kids).
Good kind sir :Sheesh lynchy get off my damn roof
Yokel lynchy: Yall bob ima just guttun these here fine possums of these power poles for mah dinnar.
Good Kind Sir: errr wat
yokel lynchy:yessum sir i duna wanna bea bak iru des a parts arhoy
by Not Ben (luis did it) July 08, 2006
24 18
a farmer type bum.. often called "Cletus" (Character from The Simpsons)
The Yokel Says, "Hey Ma, The rain is here!"

Ryan W or Cletus is a full dang yokel! dang right!
by ryan walsh May 03, 2005
16 15