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-noun: A battle cry uttered before a physical strike from one friend to another, i.e. their face or arm. Shouting this term prior to the strike will negate any wrong-doing in the action and render the attacker innocent.

-verb: "To Yogen Früz"; to attain immunity after attacking someone (applies only to close friends) by shouting "yogen früz" beforehand.
Person 1- "If you do not stop poking me, I'm going to yogen früz you."
Person 2- "I will never stop poking you."
Person 1- "YOGEN FRÜZ!!" *punch*
Person 2- "OW!! Oh, CRAP, I'm BLEEDING!! AGH!! I would hit you back but you yogen früz'd me! My hands are tied. I apologize for poking you."
by Mintastic June 05, 2010
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