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Russell Crowe
'That Russell Crowe is a right yobbo'
by maanjamz November 20, 2011
a stereotypical aussie. beer in one hand, meat pie in the other.generally drive crappy old holdens and have a dozen mullet clad kids following them. by-products of alcoholic fathers.
"i'm a bloke, im a yobbo, me best mates name is robbo, winfield is me cigarette, i dress in flanalette"
by brokenfridgehinge May 02, 2006
A loud, inconsiderate person, usually found in groups for self preservation. Sometimes prone to violence,always found with beer and cheap smokes. Usually smell.
The "hill" at any football match of any code is the usual haunt of the Yobbo.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
A true-blue bloody australian. One who sits on his arse and drinks a stubby while watching the footy and eating a beef pie (eg. four n twenty) Also a close relative of the "westy" or "wu-tanger", although more proud of their aussie heritage
"oi bruz, look at that cunt walking round in his nike tracks and his trademark hat, there's a bloody yobbo"
by mc_sayn May 18, 2006
A person with no class,no fashion sense eg wear thongs,cheap t-shirts etc,stink like shit,loud,swears alot & usually drives crappy old modelled fords and holdens.
Thats my definition of a yobbo. Don't flame.
by imblunt March 05, 2007
Aussie slang for Young Offensive Bloke. Generally uncouth, prone to swearing and constant use of Aussie vernacular. A Yobbo is a heavy drinker, who places mateship above all else and lives for those wild memorable moments that are unforgettable. Global counterparts are English Chavs and American Rednecks. A breed unto themselves.
"Take a look at the guy in the ute, doin' burnouts and carryin' on like a pork chop. What a fuckin' Yobbo...!"
by AERO_HDT September 27, 2012
Usually found in drunken violent groups persecuting others of a different racial background i.e. Cronulla. Highly cultural with their stubby holders, thongs and the beloved footy shorts. Typically their ancestors were deported to Australia as convicts. They are the most racist percentile of the Australian population, the most hypocritical as they define WOGs as liars and thieves. Little do they understand that this country was founded by their ancestors over 200 years ago, a bunch of dirty thieves.
Yobbo: Go home Stupid WOG
WOG: sure thing convict
Yobbo: I was born here stupid
WOG: So was I, but my grand parents came here of their own free will
Yobbo: uh shut up
by Crocodile Dundee November 29, 2006