A loud, inconsiderate person, usually found in groups for self preservation. Sometimes prone to violence,always found with beer and cheap smokes. Usually smell.
The "hill" at any football match of any code is the usual haunt of the Yobbo.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
Usually found in drunken violent groups persecuting others of a different racial background i.e. Cronulla. Highly cultural with their stubby holders, thongs and the beloved footy shorts. Typically their ancestors were deported to Australia as convicts. They are the most racist percentile of the Australian population, the most hypocritical as they define WOGs as liars and thieves. Little do they understand that this country was founded by their ancestors over 200 years ago, a bunch of dirty thieves.
Yobbo: Go home Stupid WOG
WOG: sure thing convict
Yobbo: I was born here stupid
WOG: So was I, but my grand parents came here of their own free will
Yobbo: uh shut up
by Crocodile Dundee November 29, 2006
Yobbos are legends, thorough champions! They're the funny cunts at the footy who make all the classic funny comments, or yell abuse at the umpires, and are there for other people's entertainment!

Let's admit it; life without Yobbos is.. um... SHIT!!!
The funny cunts at Footy Park, Home of the Mighty Adelaide Crows, who sing...
"I've got the wings of sparrow,
the arse of a Crow.
I'll fly over Melbourne tomorrow;

Or the Pommy Gits who sang "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" at the Rugby World Cup last year. (BTW, ENGLAND SUCKS COCK!!!)
Yobbo, it can be used as a "nick" name for a "real auzzie man."
Or your name could be robbo, and your last name starts with a y. This is an example of a fluke!
Hey "yobbo" how are ya! Shooting any "roo's" lately??
Yobbo my man! How's life?
Geez, that's a big YOBBO!
by Rhyno Sullivan April 04, 2006
A yobbo is someone with a bush australian back groud and bad tast. Or from a poorer white australian background.
a yobbo is steve erwin(the shorts give it away!)or slim dusty.
by martin October 15, 2004

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