Crappy ass wanker who got a guitar when he was still rubbing his cock. He decided to make a similar motion when playing guitar, basically going crazy alternate picking and wanking on the frets. No soul whatsoever. Pretentious, and he also has a staggering inability to pick a stage name. I mean fucking come on... "GO YNGWIE!"?
*"Uplifting" intro*
*big, long, wankery guitar solo*
*.7 seconds of silence*
*huge, wankery guitar solo*
by Mr. Bock Man (RC) February 18, 2005
Im sorry Edinburgh Warheart but infact he uses HARMONIC MINOR and not the phygian mode :P
he he he i can play at 300bpm!
by JR February 13, 2005
Malmsteen is not the greatest guitarist, in fact his music can be downright difficult to sit through. He has talent, no doubt, and his best work is when he is playing classical, which he does better than anyone. Refer to satriani for the best guitarist, whose music has meaning and is not just loud noise.
Yngwie Malmsteen is a waste of talent, and his annoying solos suck.
by love, mom February 28, 2005
he works in a lot of different octaves and modes
looks like the british comedienne jo brand
by Max Cummings October 30, 2003
An amazingly fast 80's metal guitarist who's hair is too long. Play's lots of arpeggio's and insanely fast riffs. He's not the best guitarists in the world but atleast he didn't die at 27 from a 'drug overdose'
"Yngwie is pretty amazing"
"Yeah but i like Hendrix more"
"Well yeah, Hendrix would own Malmsteen...if he were still alive that is"
by Joel Someone June 15, 2004
Hendrix is the best.
And you all know it.
by hendrix August 01, 2004
Yngwie Malmsteen, the extremely fast virtuoso, listened to hendrix, one of his inspiration. He got into 100 best solos....but only one song
Hes not very creative at writing tabs but the solo in "black star" got into 100
Yngwie Malmsteen....not so nice guy
by Sex Maniac September 08, 2004

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