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Yiddish term for jiz that dries and gets stuck something.
Bob - "What's that stain?"
Harry - "Oh, it must be yiz."

Sally - "I can't seem to get this off"
Jane - "That's alright, it's just yiz."
by antituesdays November 25, 2011
In South Jersey, the plural of "you."
What time are yiz getting back from the shore?
by Sonobovich October 30, 2006
A omni-present being that one cannot usually see, but is always facing you. Because of it's 2 Deminsional nature, it has no width. Not a god or demi-god, it's just there. A Yiz is shaped like an "8" and has a small stick like arm protruding upwards from its back side. It has teeth that are very sharp and dots sprinkled about it's head. It utters one word, "thalka" which takes on the meaning of many words. A Yiz is neutral/indifferent in its existence, behavior and demeanor.
I wonder if Grimace can see a Yiz.
by Pappy D July 10, 2008
another word for cocain
Yoo where can i get that yiz at.

Down to blow some yiz?

Come to my party im servin yiz buffets.
by wfa April 04, 2006
To Yiz
The process of Yizzing
Yiz also used as affirmative
Do you understand?
by R-Kelly May 19, 2003
The sound a girl makes when she tries to respond "yes" to a question but is in the process of performing oral sex on a male(s).
"oh baby you like taking that?"
"yiz?".*choke* *gag*
by gBruthas September 01, 2010
the sound a girl makes as she slides her tongue at a moderate speed up at least one male's penis.
by g-Bruthas January 18, 2009
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