I yino'd that burrito.
by Heavypants July 01, 2010
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Yino is a beautiful girl with pretty brown eyes that light up the sky, even in the darkest of hours. She is know to care for any one and every one. She is also a ver skilled gamer. She can pwn anyone at any thing any time. Her hobbies include: Playing the Computer, Not giving a shit, Eating and not gaining any weight, ignoring thirsty boys, brushing her hair, and sleeping. Wonderful.
''Woah! Who is that girl walking down the street?'' ''Her? I thinks that's a Yino.''
by UrbanLegend1121 November 13, 2014
shit faced cock master.
barbara streisand is one with yino.
by tyler sandberg October 23, 2003
a chinese, mexican, cambodian, canadian, japanese, african american, male/female. his hobbies include: long walks on the beach(with gay men), playing chess(with gay men), and hitting on 4 year olds.
i yinoed myself.
by yino September 14, 2003

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