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Yingilicious is a word that descibes a person who has a combination of the following qualities:

1. Good-looking - should chek out his pics!! hehe he's sucha kyo0tie!

2. Spunki - refer to above

3. Uneeq - You won't find anyone else like a "Ying" hehe

4. Outgoing - Always likes to have a great time, whether he's out or @ home

5. Totally gorgeous (inside n outs), Hence making hiM tHaAaa boMbBb baBY! mwahaha

6. Chiki-babe magnet x 2 - makes the ladies go "raH reOwz" ; sydney now has 1 less spunki boy.. but melboon had gained 1 more =)

7. Articulant - he's got the brains dat a "mon" will never have -_-"

8. Creative - Still has 2 show me his work from hi-skooL buh i alwedy know they're good! hehe his site is leet too!

9. Funtasticly Fun Fun Fun - where there is a ying.. there is absolute FUN!

10. Carries a biK cheeky n kyo0te smile all day everyday!! ^^

11. Patient - has the patience to wait for u to cum bak from yo shower and continue ur conversatioN, no matter how sleepy he is.

12. Loves family and friends

13. Has a biK biK heaRt ->s2

14. Koolest person ever

15. His name must be YING (LIM)!

But there is only one person who carries ALL these qualities, making him a person who you won't come accross everyday.. and is definitely a must-have friend.
Damn example needs blo0dy needs @ least 3 characters and 20 words! what more of an example could be given but.. YING LIM!! haha this will definitly kill the 20 letters and 3 words ( ^^p)
by mOnMoNz April 10, 2005
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