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Yim Yams is another slang word for tis boobs etc
she keeps on throwing her yim yams up in my face
by Nick Metcalfe January 19, 2009
3 0
(n.) - a tree

(v.) - an action performed on one's mother; usually an exclaimation or threat/insult.
(n.) - "The leaves in that yim yam are gorgeous at this time of the year."

(v.) - 1) "I yim yammed your mom!"
2) "I yimmed your mom's yam!"
by Tangerine February 28, 2005
11 8
somebody with the name Jimmy or James.
I was going to go to the movies, but instead decided to smoke a dube with yim yams.
by squish squashy April 17, 2006
6 4
Yim-yam is a synonym for jizz, cum, etc.
Mostly used among guys to describe what they did with a girl or what they would like to do with her.
I yim-yammed all over that bitch.
by Bonecrusher October 09, 2005
4 4
slag word for walsal accent.
i went up walsal and now cant stop talking yimyam
by KateySmith October 28, 2007
1 3