interchangable with the word yee. usually used with excitment. see also yiggities.
"You tryna hit a blunt?"
by Yigs April 02, 2008
Top Definition
Yig is an acronym which stands for "Yes, I'm Gay." It is often used in chat rooms when the room goes quiet to start up conversation again.
Rene: Yig
Devin: OMG yig2!!!
by qwertyuiop112233 January 08, 2010
Yeah okay; yes
"I am going out right now, Yig"
-Are you really going to game all night? -Yig.
by YIGBALLA December 16, 2013
YIG(S) (noun) - exceptionally high quality marijuana (weed).

To YIG (verb) - to smoke such excellent quality marijuana.
Friend 1: This car smells like like Yigs.

Friend 2: Yeah, we cruised and yigged in here for like an hour last night.
by Btown_crew December 29, 2011
Youth In Government. A youth program run by the YMCA. YIG has 3 functions: Model Assemblye which models state legislature, Model United Nations which models the UN and Conference on national affairs. It is run in about 34 states. Also known as YAG/Youth and Government
Billy was very invovled in YIG
by Bert Kord October 30, 2005
A god from the Cthulhu Mythos which is the father of snakes, he is easy to please, but he is also easy to anger. Watch out, if you kill a snake on his watch he'll turn you into one (or a half-snake/ half-human hybrid, depends on whom you ask) or simply kill you. Natives consider him bad medicine, so stay the F-word away.
Snake-men such as Dick Cheney worship Yig.
by Hastur July 11, 2008
Essentially, another word for awesome.
That CD was so totally yig that I kicked my mom right in the face.
by Tain June 24, 2004
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