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"Man, it smells like burnt yiddies in here!"
by Treighz June 12, 2007
10 4
A variation of "yes" or "yeah." Likewise, for "no" you can use "niddy."
Q: "Is that your car rolling towards the lake?"
A: "Yiddy."
by KaydieKate July 18, 2008
10 4
'Yiddy' is the war cry often yelled when close (usually male) friends leap on each other in a homosexual manner.

This event often occurs on a boat, on a pile on, or in any other situation where there is limited space.
There is however, rarely actual sexual interaction.
'hey guys, toms asleep in the cabin!'
by janeyaim June 17, 2009
13 8
a stylistic term for the words yea, yes, or agreeing with someone or something.
Mom: Hey john do you wanna go out to lunch tomorrow?

John: Yiddy
by LegendCreater November 28, 2009
2 3
Nervous, overly talkative, fear leading to bumbling behavior
After Tom witnessed the cat fight, he became yiddy when members of the opposite sex approached him.
by Veen May 12, 2006
6 7