A vague, indecipherable insult against Max Goldberg of YTMND.com by Neil Bauman of Ebaumsworld.com Possibly a misspelling of cap, in reference to the skullcaps worn by some members of the Jewish faith. This would make the phrase an anti-semitic ethnic slur
1. "Obviously you have lost posession of your Yiddish cup."
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by Admiral Hackbar January 11, 2006
Top Definition
(Not quite sure what pretense this goes under) A popular phrase used by jackasses in half-assed fake Executive E-mails to de-fame or mock honest people who fight for what's right. The 'Yiddish Cup' insult often goes hand-in-hand with using such popular internet slang as, "LOL", "BTW", and "Pimply-faced maladjusted Preteens", several phrases which often appear in Official Memo's from executives, but only when issuing a stern Cease and Desist order. '1337 speak' is like a second language to most 40-something Executive VP's!

To Note: 'Yiddish Cup' is a licensed property of Ebaums World Inc.; if it were an image, it would have been watermarked already.
1. "In a short time you will be held accountable for the deeds and threats that were aimed at our site and our people. Obviously you have lost possession of your Yiddish cup."
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by MBurwell34 January 11, 2006
The term Yiddish Cup is a misspelled form of Kiddush Cup, a ceremonial Jewish goblet used in rites of passage. Losing possession of it is typically an analogy for losing control of a situation.
"You have obviously lost possession of your Yiddish cup"
#yiddish #kuddish #cup #goldberg #eric #max
by Digeridude January 25, 2006
1) A vague 'insult' used by the execs at Ebaum's World in a lousily written "Cease and Desist" letter to YTMND. It could be anything; from slander, to an ethnic slur, a Mario Kart race, an actual cup, an old german expression, a hat, etc.

2) A band from Ohio. They mainly play instrumental music, and feature such great songs as: "Bay mir bistu sheyn" and "Vu bistu geveyzn far prohibition?". Its composed of:

Bert Stratton: clarinet, and harmonica
Irwin Weinberger: vocals, guitar, and mandolin
Steve Greenman: violin
Walt Mahovlich: accordion
Alan Douglass: accoustic bass, piano, cello, and backup vocals
Craig Woodson: drums, and percussion
1) Ceast and Desist LOL, BTW - a11 your3 yiddi$h cuP r belong 2 us!!1!

2) I went to a Yiddish Cup concert back in june of '96; they were awesome!
#ebaum's #ytmnd #yiddish cap #cease and desist #internet
by Alex Bee January 12, 2006
n; The yiddish cup is a saying often used by insane people with a foot up a certain orifice that shall go un-named as of this writing. Sometimes used in conjunction with "LOL"
"you will be held accountable for the deeds and threats that were aimed at our site and our people. Obviously you have lost possession of your Yiddish cup."
#synonyms; me r stupid! #i eat paint chips #i am a monkey! #i love monkey love! #lol!
by clayton R. January 11, 2006
(or yiddish kup, with cup or kup meaning head) Jewish wits, competence, acumen, etc. The opposite of the pejorative "goyische kup," with goyische meaning non-Jewish.
They defeated larger, more powerful armies, and created a technologically sophisticated, exuberantly democratic state.

How did they succeed? Perhaps it was the hand of God. Perhaps it was Yiddish kup (yiddish cup). Or perhaps it was what Golda Meir described as the secret weapon of Israeli survival: ein briera, they had no choice.

--Rabbi Nachum Braverman, Jewish World magazine, 4/1/01
#yiddish #cup #kup #goyische #goyishe #goyish #acumen #wits #competence #business sense
by Beorge July 18, 2006
The only original thing to ever come out of eBaum.
even then, ebaum stole their yiddish cup from the poor defencless jews =(
#ytmnd #ebaum #ghey #thievery #yiddish kop
by reisu August 22, 2006
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