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Wrong. This term is most likely referring to Yaweh, of Yehoweh, or.. JEHOVAH.
It is derived from 4 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Because the hebrews didn't use vowels, the literal english equivalent is YHWH. This is referred to as the Tetragrammaton. The Jews never preserved the correct pronunciation, thus many attempts at filling in the vowels occured, such as in here.

Jesus' name however is similar. It is the Latin-greco version of Joshua, which does contain the name "Yaweh" in it, but means "Yaweh" is Salvation.

YWHW: "THE LORD" in most versions of the Bible (See Exodus 3: I AM: The being that can exist without any other required being)
by Niall Sketchy October 29, 2004
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