an up and coming graffiti writer in central valley california
yo is that yex's piece?
yea man that shits sick
by cen cal king February 04, 2009

a particularly useful, blessed compound word that signifies an affirmation of all things good. it is a powerful hybrid of the words yes and sex.
Gilly: Let's go to the beach.
Joey: Yex!
by sweetbuffalo September 24, 2010
a combination between the words yes and sex, also known as the best word in the universe and beyond
YEX, i want to do it tonight!
by katie waldeck January 05, 2008
A more exstatic way of saying yes. Abbreviation of yes excellent
"Hey man feel like going to the game tonight"
by Phonar Rigby August 06, 2007
id like to have sexwith ur essence baybee ^-~
charsi sexates the sexcellent sexacious Yex with sexlexic sexuation.
by Charsi July 23, 2003
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