a gay male now in a heterosexual relationship or marriage. Not the same as ex-gay, which is someone who seeks a religious conversion to abandon homosexuality.
After years of bad relationships with men, he finally found a woman he loved enough to want to marry.
by dave December 06, 2003
Top Definition
An individual that reverts to heterosexuality after a long term of professed homosexuality.
"Did you hear about Steve getting married to a girl??? I thought he was gay?"
"Yeah he was but now he's yestergay."
by lidamo84 April 13, 2009
A guy who use to be into men, but now has converted back to women.
Jeremy got sick of a dick in his ass so now he is chasing women and leaving all men to yestergay
by Tyrone January 07, 2004
When you looked up someone on facebook that was gay as a child, and today you get an email in your inbox defining the term yestergay.
Marc: Wow, I just got this definition for yestergay in my inbox.

Paul: That's ironic as you were just looking up that kid everyone suspected of being gay as a child on facebook, and saw his picture with his man yesterday.
by Marc the friendly Shark January 09, 2012
a person who was gay now turn straight
i was once gay now i'm yestergay
by meodien August 19, 2003
A man who was previously gay, who may or may not still consider himself gay, yet has or searches for a relationship with a woman.
He was gay for years, but he married Kate? Wow. He still likes men too? What a yestergay!
by NotQuiteGay June 26, 2005
A male who was homosexual in the past but is now heterosexual.
See also hasbian.
That guy is such a yestergay!
by nobody November 04, 2003
Yesterday's gay: male-specific name like that given to a hasbian or a wasbian. Dig.
I know you were a fag, but to come and tell me that you are yestergay! Like ya gonna give me a 'bro-job'!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
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