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A word used in Ireland which has no real meaning.
John: How's things?
Pedro: Yera they're grand out
by Anomander February 07, 2010
37 12
noun. extremely douchebaggie individual who regularly searches himself in various sources such as google, yahoo urban dictionary and hot or not. Cockiness is usually associated with such individuals.

common interests of such indivdual usually inculde on-line gaming and music in which 90% of his/her songs are horrible.

A prominent flaw of a yera is denying his/her true feelings for oppsite sex.
Don't be such a yera, you only won one game of starcraft.
by Georgie Sammy July 13, 2011
27 19
Extremely smart and handsome guy who is heart of the group.
He is so YERA
by GoogleGuy July 24, 2008
8 29