A masculine male who is funny in a sarcastic way. The yellow shirts detracts from the masculinity but results in that guy being an jackass. This male has a average yet satisfying penis and has a fascination with asians. Probly has a fauxhawk or any haircut that results in spiked hair. Warning.. he doesn't take showers and will smell.
"Hey theres that jackass yellow shirt guy talkin to an asian. I thought i could smell him. Whats up with his hair. Hes probly gonna make love to her with his average wang."
by Big Balla K December 24, 2009
Top Definition
Yellow Shirt Guy (YSG) is a speed runner known as Blueglass with a real name of Jared Minnihan.

In the Twitch TV Marathon "Awesome Games Done Quick", a week long 24/7 live stream of speed runs to raise money towards cancer, YSG caught the attention of the Twitch viewers in 2013. Because YSG does not regularly stream on Twitch TV, no one knew who he was thus gave him the name "Yellow Shirt Guy" for the yellow button up shirt he was wearing at the time and the name stuck. While he only ran one game in 2013, 'Ecco: The Dolphin', he is a crowd favorite among the Twitch TV chat room.

He is most recognized for his laugh and his good looks. Also he holds a great interest in all video games and supports all the runners through out the marathon.

In the Twitch TV chat room he is often referred to as "Yolo Swag God" and the "Based God" but more often just YSG. On most cases the chat can be seen requesting the appearance of YSG if he is not on camera and often threatens to riot if he is not currently in view.
TwitchUser1: Where is Yellow Shirt Guy? Kappa
TwitchUser2: YSG OR RIOT
TwitchUser3: YSG is finally on camera!
TwitchUser1: YSG Kreygasm
TwitchUser2: <3 Y <3 S <3 G <3
TwitchUser3: Kappa Yolo Swag God FrankerZ
TwitchUser2: YSG is based god Kappa
by DSea January 12, 2014
A nickname given to that guy who wore a yellow shirt that one time and someone commented on it. Since then he has worn said yellow shirt, or a different yellow shirt, a few times. Not that many times though.
*Once the nickname Yellow Shirt Guy has been implemented, it can only be replaced by the nickname faggot.
Nick: Hey yellow shirt guy, nice jacket.
Yellow Shirt Guy: Yeah, it's great at keeping off the rain and stuff.
Nick: I know, mine is too, actually...Dammit! That's my jacket! Give it back!
Yellow Shirt Guy: Hey, I have a name you know.
Nick: Sorry, give it back faggot!
by TORONTO65 March 29, 2010
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