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A word emphasizing enjoyment in something, or approval of something.
Created by Matthew Lush.
"Did you like the new Saw movie?"
by ClintLucopo October 30, 2007
To be ecstatic about something that just took place
ex 1. Boss hands employee a big pay check and the employee responds, "Yea ya!"...

ex 2. Topher's friend says "Party at Topher's! Drunk white bitches for everyone," Dan says quilky "Yea yea!"
by `Topher April 19, 2006
Hell yea, way to go, fuck yea.
Did the Lakers win yesterday?
by Saman September 29, 2003
A taunt that Rapper Lil Jon use when he is crunking up in the club or when he gets hype.
Yeaya! Get crunk tonight! Lil jon is up in the club tonight. So all the ladies get low!
by zrules October 20, 2007
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