a term for your or are you
ye old tree

ye gonna go to the supermaket
by ArchMan March 21, 2016
can be used in agreement to something agreeable, also can be used as "you're welcome"
"my koolade brings all da boys to the yard"
"thanx for da koolade"
by uppercut613 January 18, 2007
An expression used when someone gets insulted, or physically hurt.
Will: JR you are the biggest fag I have ever seen.
Brendon: AHHH YEEEE!

Brendon: Dude did you see that sick no-scope?
Will: Haha, yeeeee!
by IXI Will June 12, 2008
Origin unknown, but probably German where it has the same meaning.
A fragment that translates as 'this' in the phrase "it was this big", usually accompanied by a hand action signifying the size of the object being talked about."
"I was walking through Epping Forest when I bumped into a bloody great big wild boar ye big. Facking huge I'm telling you."
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 06, 2005
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