(noun) A stupid person.
Spelled many different ways, this being the most found on google.
You are a yayhoo. Those yayhoos don't know anything
by kwhubby May 31, 2004
Top Definition
Originally used to describe a certain tribe of wild individuals found in Kentucky mountain regions. Daniel Boone once described them as a race of wild hairy giants, well known for bad behavior and violent or fiendish actions against early pioneer settlers. Term now often used to describe an individual who displays bad or antisocial behavior.
"When the player threw the ball at the referee, he was acting like a Yayhoo."
by BFRP February 09, 2010
An ignorant, uncouth and uncivilized individual. A hillbilly. Trailer trash. A wild drunken fool. An ill-tempered or willfully irresponsible Oaf. A Hayseed. A Rube.
Those Yayhoos pissed all over my lawn and driveway.
by garagehero May 23, 2010
A crazy, dumb, and/or wild person under the influence of cocaine.
That party was kicking until those yayhoos crashed it.
by Funthrax January 10, 2007
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