Defined by Russell Howard as 'when someone sticks their finger down someones throat mid yawn'

Usually causes coughing in the victim
'Omg I was yawning in Law when that guy next to me totally yawn raped me'

by Sophsterinnitg January 22, 2009
Top Definition
The act of placing an outstretched finger (index or otherwise) into the mouth of a friend, aquaintance, family member, significant other or stranger at the peak of a yawn.

NB. One who yawn rapes is a yawn rapist, and one can be "yawn-raped"
Keith yawn raped Vince.
Keith is a yawn rapist.
Keith was proscecuted for yawn rape.
by goats, eggs and daisies July 10, 2008
Sticking a finger in someone else's unsuspecting mouth while they're mid-yawn...causing them to end prematurely.
Victim stretches and opens theirr mouth:

<stick finger in their mouth>

"Don't yawn rape me!"
by Paulo5 December 16, 2009
The act of putting your finger inside someone's mouth as they yawn and shouting "yawnrape!", or just shouting "yawnrape" after someone has yawned.
Dan: **yawns**
by Bubbles_wishes July 02, 2009
When somebody yawns and then a 'yawn rapist' sticks his finger in the mouth of the 'yawnees' mouth, and then shouts, "I Just Raped You In The Mouth!"
A woman is sitting down on a train.
The woman yawns.
A man jumps across the train and sticks his finger in her mouth and shouts,"I Just Raped You In The Mouth!"

by MegaBarneyBoo January 31, 2011
One of the many unnecessary actions Chad does in the process of annoying/confusing the people around him.
Chad just stuck his finger in my mouth, and then, after the moment of confusion, I realized it was yawn rape.
by Tetheas March 27, 2010
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