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Sometimes called "Yoner", is when one gets an erection from excessive yawning. They will often come about with no warning and are usually harder than a normal erection. They will usually happen in the morning, often during class or at work.
Guy 1: Woah dude are you getting off to our math lesson?
Guy 2: No dude I've got a massive yawn boner right
Guy 1: Oh damn I hate yoners
by Zoppy September 25, 2013
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When one yawns, starting a huge overall orgie of yawning that spreads throughout the room.
(Adam yawns)
(EP yawns)
(Dylan yawns)
Adam: That was a great yawn boner!
EP: Just a great overall yawn boner is what it was!
by EPAK February 04, 2010

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