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A REALLY annoying way to say yes; a good way to annoy people who keep asking stupid questions.
person 1: "are you coming over today?"

person 2(already annoyed by person 1) : "yes."

person 1: "are you coming now?"

person 2: "yawmp."

person 1: "what?"

person 2: "yawmp."

person 1: "what does that mean?"

person 2: "yaaaaawwwmp"

person 1: "why do you keep..." (person 2 interrupts*): "yaaawwwmmp!"
by my naymz jakub October 22, 2011
to say "yes!"
or "yeah!"
(in an excited, more defined way)
usually used with an exclamation mark after.
person 1: Are you guna go to da party tuhnyte?
person 2: yawmp!
by evana December 27, 2007
southern colloquialism for affirmative
Cletus: You gon' eat that?
Jeb: Yawmp, iz fixin to.
by Ian D. Miller April 03, 2008