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Getting Yavuzed is NOT fun. Being Yavuzed on can mean one of two things:

1) You get hit on by a really REALLY freakish pedophile who likes girls who are one year younger then them (Though decades smarter like MJ for example.) in an MSN instant message conversation with that stupid blushing emoticon that makes me want to HURL.


2) You get rubed/touched/fondled/groaped/smeared/smooshed/rubed/licked/grinded/splorted/smeared/glomped/huggled/snuggled/penetrated/caressed/kissed/molestered by a Yavuz or any other anoying homophobic life form.

I have been Yavuzed on *Sniff* Its quite sad.
You Yavuzed on my lunch! Im telling the teacher.

Stop Yavuzing me!

Ack! My celuloid got Yavuzed on! Now all I can do is limp around with an electromagnetic poodle skirt!
by MJ June 04, 2004
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