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An exclamation of extreme exuberance uttered by possessor of much swagger.
I just won my fantasy football league, Yat Yat!
by Two Dollar August 06, 2012
5 1

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the YAT YAT is a 4 man gang, where 2 of them are in prision, and the slags that are left have the clap:/
YAT YAT thugs are number one
Shaun qua and stephen qua tried to kill someone in tesco's, they are part of the YAT YAT
by a source from the YAT YAT December 13, 2011
2 4
A crude response to a worthless comment or remark.
"Wang Chung is truly a great musician"

"Yat! Yat!"
by Chuck August 15, 2003
4 11