An Arabian Princess who has the most amazing Arab eyes. Everyone trusts her and she is a loyal friend.
I am so jealous of Yasmin...I wish I had her eyes.
by tyzzx May 02, 2011
Top Definition
A girl named after a beautiful Flower. She is usually the one who sticks out amongst the crowd and ends up the most successful, often involved in a very deep relationship.
Yasmin grew up to fall in love with the Luckiest man.
by Smartsies November 29, 2007
Totally rocks! She is beautiful, yet humble. She is usually the one who sticks out amongst the crowd and ends up the most successful. She is conservative to her friends but very open to her family. She is a beautiful, very intelligent but sometimes needs your help showing it. She's quick like a cat and could sense something a mile away, and often jumps to conclusions. She's very fragile and sensitive, even though she hates admitting it. She loves feeling loved and wanted. She is often self concious and often struggles because she feels she isn't 'good enough.

A really good friend, always paying attention to the needs of those surrounding her and putting those needs before her own. Another positive attribute is her sense of humor, which is very funny. Sometimes sexual ;) but she always has a sense of humor.
Yasmin, Yasmine, Jasmine
by lovestolaugh February 17, 2010
She is the most awesome girl in the entire world! Also see swiss miss.
Yasmin is the best, more awesome, sexy girl in the entire world with no contest!
by ThatSwedishGuy June 12, 2005
The best swiss person in the entire world! She makes guys turn around and scream DAYAM!!! And shes all mine!
Back off! Yasmin is mine :)
by TheSwedishGuy June 13, 2005
Well i guess shes just a pretty hottie
no she is not an bratz doll but hot enough to be one
big breasts
brown curly hair
loves pink
in popular clicks at school
Addicted to older boys <3
Girls = Theres that bitch yasmin again god she thinks shes so it
Lads = woooah there goes yasmin she is so finee!
by hottiecall911 August 27, 2008
is a very true person. she stand up to what she beliebes in ALL THE TIME, and if you mess with her, you in trouble. she wont stop until she's made her point. she is a very determined person, she will fight for her friends and her dreams. she is very dedicated and loving to many hood people, and derives the best of friends she can get. she is so fucking beautiful, inside an out! she is very smart, and knows what to say. she will stick up for her friends no matter what. she is so lovable and all the boys fall in lie with her in 0.1 seconds! she is very sexual too;). you will love Yasmin
You are so Yasmin (beautiful)
by dinosaur pee February 02, 2012
They are amazing in every single way possible.
They get all the guys and everyone just loves them!
They have an outgoing personality and are always happy, they can make anyone laugh, they are just hilarious.
Yasmin's normally have long brown/blonde hair and aren't all that tall.
Yasmin's are usually very sporty.
They are heaps of fun to be around and are so so smart.
They are very talented people...
No one wants to get on their bad side because then shit would go down, Yasmin's aren't push overs..remember that.

Yasmin's are just amazing !
" Is that...?"
"Omg it's a Yasmin!"
by mynamesasecret January 07, 2012
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