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An extremely handomse, typically brown fellow with a huge package who gets all the girls
yo, dats yasir, again with dem gurls
by big_glock September 21, 2009
241 90
A Pakistani name that is assigned to Muslims and is an Arabic name.
Man.. Yasir, he is so hip, he is cool
by Chris Marcus April 24, 2008
129 50
To refer (or a title) to a person that exudes a royal power-like demeanor with respect. A Sir of Sir's is Yasir.
Sir, I apologize. No that's Yasir to you sir. There's a new Yasir in town and he ain't taking shit from no one.
by AdamStevens34 November 17, 2013
7 3
Pakistani Snake - Samp - Serpent. Slithering reptiles.
"Yo don't samp"

"Yo stop being such a Yasir !"

by Umran Chowdhury May 21, 2012
7 19
person who make up too many lies and forgets what he/she said. stupid son of a dog. who farts where ever he goes. who cheeks look like his cheeks.
can you stop being yasir
by co-workerrr June 05, 2009
38 139