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see retard
You fucking yashinsky the answer is C.
by Payne's Grandma November 18, 2003
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Words related to Yashisnkys:

complete idiotic family in which every member within itself is equally fucked up.
If i were a member of the Yashinskys i would probly walk myself backwards through a cornfield, naked of course.
by weasel boy November 17, 2003
1 0
crazy messed up
Antonym:smart and successful
The Yashinskys feed their rabbits metal while Russel rapes the Rabbit
by TImmy November 16, 2003
0 1
Moron, retard, fucked up, stupid, ugly, red cheecked, injury plagued, smelly family.
The Yashinsky family doesnt have a bathroom in there house and Jonathon is fucking insanse!!!!!!!
by Sammy November 17, 2003
0 2
weird, out of the ordinary
the yashinsky's have no legs
by samuel November 17, 2003
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