Top Definition
complete idiotic family in which every member within itself is equally fucked up.
If i were a member of the Yashinskys i would probly walk myself backwards through a cornfield, naked of course.
by weasel boy November 17, 2003
crazy messed up
Antonym:smart and successful
The Yashinskys feed their rabbits metal while Russel rapes the Rabbit
by TImmy November 16, 2003
Moron, retard, fucked up, stupid, ugly, red cheecked, injury plagued, smelly family.
The Yashinsky family doesnt have a bathroom in there house and Jonathon is fucking insanse!!!!!!!
by Sammy November 17, 2003
weird, out of the ordinary
the yashinsky's have no legs
by samuel November 17, 2003
see retard
You fucking yashinsky the answer is C.
by Payne's Grandma November 18, 2003
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