The act of being Yarised on or getting Yarised. Not for the faint of heart.
A Yaris comes by you with alarming speed and proceeds to fart rice all over your vehicle. You've been Yarised...


I Yaris. You Yaris. She shouldn't Yaris. Real men Yaris.


Man that was so Yaris.


That has to be the sweetest Yaris I've ever seen.
by bronzebullet232 December 02, 2009
A small car, that has a vaginal shaped steering wheel and center console. Slow, but roomy. Often nicknamed a Vag due to the interior or a Mini Camry due to the exterior
Dude, the Toyota symbol on your Yaris's steering wheel must be the clitoris
by TacosForTaku February 23, 2009
You Are Riding In Shit
Tom: My mom is coming to meet me after school today in her Yaris.
Eric: Dude, You are riding in shit!
by madlqd September 25, 2008
to splooge or ejaculate fluid on
dude that chick is really hot, what kind of car is she driving?
i think thats called a yaris...
I'd yaris all over her face
by danny james December 11, 2007
British slang term for vagina.
Nicola decided to have a night in fiddling with her Yaris.
by m0nkfish July 05, 2006
genital herpes

a b c
shauna overturf's lips were covered in fucking yaris man!

yeah i bet he got her yaris when she went down on him
by Josefxxxx July 24, 2006
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