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A member of the Fire Department whose only apparent job is to stand in the front yard of the scene with arms crossed, otherwise not doing a damn thing.
I had to drag the hose around the Yard Gnome on my way into the house fire.
by John Wesley February 09, 2008
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Used when describing a person thats short, standing still and looking good.

It is also an object made of porcelain. Very similar to the notorius elf and the hard2catch lepricon.

the word (adjective) was created by an prize winning yardgnome-imitator from norway. No data about the noun.
"Stop being a goddamn yardgnome and mingle with the tall people"

"You ran over my yardgnome"
by WierdAl August 07, 2004
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Passive or lazy person smoking a pipe but otherwise doing nothing.
Chris said he won't help sweep the shop because "he makes too much dust". He'd rather just smoke his pipe and stand around. What a yard gnome.
by UCSteve November 04, 2009
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