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to fuck someones armpit from behind while tickling the other one from the front and giving a fishhook with your free hand
becky - "whats with the chaffed pits and chapped lips? did you run a marathon or something?

denise - "no I got a Yarber last night"

becky - "so it does exist!"
by jiggo swizzle February 08, 2011
A response to an extremely gay statement or actions from a friend or group of friends
Dave Mattie: I think its cool to wear pink!!

Me: Yarbers...
by Jon Juan Montoya February 16, 2009
The inablility to answer or even acknowledge a phone call.
I cant believe it Kris, you got yarbered again by that chick!

Yeah, I know chuck, but she yarbers everyone she knows.
by Charlie Branson November 06, 2007
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