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a joyful outburst used as a celebration, and sometimes randomly as an aggreement, dissagreement, or, a combination of the word "Yup", and "Nope"
- this outburst sometimes may confuse the unknowing recipient, but with time, practice, and a general read of the situation one may easily recodnize an aggreeing "Yape" as opposed to a dissagreeing "Yape"...
i asked leonard if he wanted to go to the souveneer shop and he said Yape . so i'm gunna take a walk to meet him there.
by JayConch June 09, 2008
Another word for delicious cocaine.
"give me an 8 ball of yapes!"
by breezy911 May 27, 2008
The universal response to any question or comment.
Are you going out tonight? Yape.

How are you doing? Yape.
I got a new haircut. Yape.
by YouGottaYapeIt August 17, 2010
The love and the need for money and education
That person is interfering with my yape.
by MaulyMaal August 23, 2010