slang term for the substance cocaine
Yo dude you wanna get down with the yao mings?
Hell yeah i wanna get down with some yey!
by The Yza March 23, 2008
slang shorthand for 'you know what i mean?'
Yo i was chillin with this dime piece outa tha ATL and she knew what she was doin yaoming
by Donte' June 07, 2006
name of a China's most famous basketball player. Also a malapropism used to express the phrase, "d'you know what I mean?" Used when you think that the person listening understands and so you do not need to say any more.
That girl is the freakiest of freaks. Not only does she wear white pants, but me and the boys are gonna run a train on her, Yao Ming?
by PincheMike March 04, 2010
meaning "know what I mean"

A play on the term "na mean" or "naw mean" and deliverable in the same range of intonation, tempo and pitch. Where as these root terms can be used as questions, 'yao ming' is purely exclamatory.

explicitly meant to be cheesy.

Coined in Philadelphia by N. Maldonado in 2003 following Yao Ming's NBA debut.
A: "Damn that bum out front the WAWA stank ass"
B: "yao ming!"
by DJ PennyPincher May 30, 2006
To Take Down A Female As In To Have Sexual Intercouse With Her
Shorty came through last night you know i Yao Ming'ed!!
by Ju1ce September 15, 2007
the sound a cat makes when it flies through a wood chipper
mmbuzzzzzzzz YAO - MINGgggg!!!!!
by Go ROckets!! August 13, 2004
1. Being dunked on right in the face.
2. Being posterized by opposing team.
3. Being placed on a poster on someone else's highlight.
1. Someone attempts a dunk and I tried to block the dunk, I miss. The dunker slams the shot down.
2. "you have just been yao minged!!!" - signals that someone has just dunked on you right in your face.
by BDubb April 03, 2006
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