a 7ft 5in Chinese man who plays basketball also is in the Houston Rockets
Yo Yao
by Anonymous July 25, 2003
Short for: "You know what I mean?"

"Yao Ming?" is higly localized. I coined it first when Yao Ming signed on with the Rockets, and since then I've heard my friends around the Houston area say it. It's catchy!
Emily: Man, I hate Monday mornings! I can't stay awake in my early classes...Yao Ming?

Kat: I totally know what you mean! I'm about to collapse!

by Emily Luther October 21, 2007
To drill a hole through someone's temple in their skull with your penis, and then proceed to fuck their brain.
Jeremy: Hey Beth, how did you enjoy being Yao Minged?
Jeremy: Yeah, I leave bitches speechless
by Cockdriller March 01, 2010
A God sent.
around 7 foot 5, and azn
He has the will and spirit of a true basketball player.
First honored azn in the NBA
He has many injuries, but he always came back with the will power.
He maytake a step down because of his injuries
but he too ka step up in all our hearts

Yao Ming is my idol, my dream
Yao Ming is my idol, my dream.
Yao Ming is 7 foot 5.
Yao Ming is the ONE
by AznGodSent August 12, 2008
A Phrase used just like " You know what I mean? "
Fred- Hey yo Whats Cracking?
Howard-Not much, yao Ming? YAo Ming?
Fred- yeah I dig...
by Howard Chen April 23, 2005
A code word for "cocaine"
"Hey Mick, I heard the Rockets are in LA this weekend on their West Coast swing, and Yao Ming is going to be out on the scene tonight."

"I just spent some time in the bathroom with Yao Ming, and now I'm feeling alot taller than 7-4."

"I know he's usually yellow, but Yao is looking alot whiter than he did last weekend."

"Hey bro, did you add Yao to the evite for my birthday party this weekend?"
by Jason H. B. June 14, 2008
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