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Yant is the thai name for yantra - a sacred geometrical design used on cloth, metal and cement amulets - also tattooed, known as sak yant (see
by sakyant April 14, 2009
In use for "do you want"
Yant to go to the party tonight?
by RickyJones November 22, 2014
yant- you want
hey, yant me to bring that today
by dragonclaw1992 May 31, 2011
Sometimes when you're talking to someone, and you're just on a roll, you'll combine words. These are called contractions. Some examples would be can't, he's, should've. Well, some genius was saying 'you can't' and turned it into 'yan't.' Yes, genius put a contraction...into ANOTHER contraction.
"Do you think I can eat all of this pudding in less than thirty seconds?"
"Obviously, you're not cool enough. Yan't."
by Yeah, what's a pseudonym? February 11, 2009
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