Yanker is the word given to a Yankie who is quite a big wanker
i use to play an online RPG called Star Wars Galaxies, in this there were many cocky idiots, among them a character called Emrick , my last conversation with him is as follows.

Emrick: your such a dick, you brits dont know how to play games without cheating.

Me: cry more noob, learn to play and stop being butt hurt and complaining to me bcos i dont actually care.

Emrick: your gonna care when i come to your house and bat you.

Me: ok go for it, if you dare come ill pay for your return ticket to america and your hospital treatment, yanker.

---------------NO RESPONSE-----------------
by NASHIN October 26, 2009
An American; a resident of the United States of America.
I wouldn't worry about him; he is a total Yanker.
by caerney July 27, 2006
one of the many names for a penis.
Dude, he had one huge yanker
by candiekissez October 07, 2004

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