A word for a typical American. As much as they like to think that the stereotypes surrounding them are false, they wouldn't be there without reason.

Typically (but not always) it is 100% accurate. I mean, if you don't want to be thought of as nation who eats nothing but McDonalds, don't build one on the frontlines of a battleground. Isn't that taking it a little far?

Also American culture is rather... lacking. It goes as far as translating a foregein television program. But they don't just translate it, no that's not the American way. They have to bastardise it, by completly changing the script and jokes so that the nations small mind can understand the joke. In most cases, this goes from being a joke of incredible wit and timing, and ends up as someone falling on his arse.

Also, it has been statistally proven time and time again, that America is the fattest country in the world, with Japan being the slimest. Russia is rapidly catching up to America however, as they seem to be being hit heavily by the fowl curse also known as "Americanisation".

Also a term to mean a species of Human that is at least an age behind the rest of the world, evolution wise, hence why they shouldn't be expected to be as intelligent as the rest of the world.
Waiter (to a Yank) : Can I get you anything else, sir?"
Yank : "Oink, Oink, a trough would be good, cutlery only wastes time."
by Mr May September 02, 2006
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1. A term used by the British to describe all Americans.
2. A term used by American Southerners to a. describe Union Forces during the American Civil War; b. Post Civil War reference to Americans from non-Southern States.
3. Slang for male masterbastion.
4. A term to describe pulling something very hard and fast (see number 3)
1. "Oh, God! Its a Yank!"
2. a. "Its a Yank! Shoot it!
b. John Boy: "he called you a Yank, Billy Bob"! Billy Bob: "No body call my a Yank!I am going to shoot you, you Limey Bastard!"
3. "Are you yanking that thing again" or "go yank your wanker"
4. "I yanked it so hard, I got blisters"
by Don August 05, 2004
A word used by Brits, Aussies, and various others to refer to Americans. Connotation can range from affectionate to pejorative. Often associated with tired stereotypes of Americans being, of course, fat and stupid people who all drive Hummers and love George Bush (all 32% of us!) and can't locate the planet Earth on a map.

Ironically, within the States, the term is used by the people who best fit said stereotype as a pejorative term for educated, left-leaning urban Northerners.
Chav on bus: Oy, mate! D'yeh think 'at fatty what jus' got on is a yank, like?
University student next to him: It's probably hard for someone who's never left Essex to understand, but...oh, nevermind. I like those Burbory shoelaces in your trainers.
by Iacob July 11, 2006
simple really..
a word used to describe american people
that man is from america.. he is a yank
by -Willy- June 29, 2005
<noun> Colloquial

1. Term used by Southern Americans to refer to a Northern American.

2. Term used by foreign nations, chiefly Britain and Australia to refer to Americans.

==> The term is thought to derive from Dutch settlers in the 1600's referring to the English colonials as 'Jan Kees' (John Cheese) which entered our language with the spelling 'Yankees,' as that is how it would sound in Dutch. 'Yanks' is simply a shortened form of it.
English Guy: "Those bloody Yanks."

Redneck hick from the South: "Yeehaw, thems Yankies are'sa comin', get the showtgun, yiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeep!!!"
by Stuart Fletcher May 14, 2006
An American. A person from America, originally a colony created by England set up on land they stole from the native Americans.
The Nazis are bombing London, Mr. Churchill! Where are those yanks when you need them?
by Christopher LaRock July 27, 2003
To be a yankee from the North as opposed to a Confederate from the South during the American Civil War.
Now just mean's an American.
In The Past.....
Southerner: "I'll get y'all yo' damn, yankee."
Yankee: "Fuck off, hillbilly."
"The yank's invaded Iraq."
by Diego Blunt August 18, 2003
To tug on something.
Yank on this line, sailor.
by 5th Column May 01, 2003
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