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A company that makes a decent dirtbike. Except all the cocky people that think that they can ride always seem to ride them.
This definetion also works with honda.except for the decent dirtbike part.
Hey man you see yamahas new bike?

-ya, its aight. but im not a fag...so ill pass
by NICK$ June 27, 2006
A over priced brand that is junk in atvs, snowmobiles, dirtbikes, and snowmobiles. People often think that they can compare a yamaha to like a polaris, kawasaki or honda but honestly they are the worst brand on this earth. There atvs arent true 4x4 like polaris and can-am and their new 4 stroke sleds are very heavy. When we see someone on a yamaha we say look at that yamahahahahahahahahaaa and everyone laughs. Here is a perfect example ryan villopoto on a kawasaki kfx450r beats james stewart in his yfz450 all the time.
look at that piece of crap yamahahahahahahahahaha!
by polaris and kawasaki are beast March 14, 2011
a derogatory term for an african-american

-- additional term could also be monkey (see monkey)
"Alex: Look at that yamaha, he can't even think!"
by X E L A March 19, 2007
Make good sport bikes. Make HORRIBLE drums.
The problem is, the users of Yamaha drums are delusional and know not their drums suck. I feel sorry for them.
"What do y'all march?"
"Ooooh, sorry."
by Drumline December 29, 2005