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Late Cold War-era comedian popular for the "In Soviet Russia" jokes.
"Yakov Smirnoff is now 54 as this word is defined."

"In America, you watch television. In Soviet Russia, television watches you!"
-Yakov Smirnoff
by Dave January 06, 2005
After you jackoff your load onto your partners face, you schmear the tip of your penis anywhere on their face, preferably on the upper lip.
"After I gave my girl a 'zombie' last night, I gave her a Yakov Smirnoff right across her upper lip and nose. Man was she pissed!!"
by Boris Persky November 06, 2007
Adjective; Someone who has caught a Vodka buzz and is growing excessively talkative and or violent is said to be "Yakov Smirnoff"
I aint touching that potato sauce, I get totally Yakov Smirnoff.
by Harry Weininger April 21, 2005

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