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A term used to refer to a number of people of the human race. Such people can include; large/fat, hairy, intelligent lacking and more often then not aggressive person. This beastly characteristic that can used to describe someone you look down upon, despise or just down right dislike.

The term is derived from a combination of a Yak and a Hippo; non of which do you want to see close up.
After meeting her, she was a total turn off due to her yakapotomus stature.

Did you happen to see the yakapotomus that went into that restaurant?
by Skootz August 04, 2011
Somebody who has had too much alcohol and proceeds to vomit, or "yak." Plural- Yakapotomi (Yak-a-pot-uh-my)
"Yo, I heard Brittany had 10 shots before this party."

"Well that explains why she's a yakapotomus tonight"
by DB2009 May 31, 2009
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