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A group of people operating in youtube, encyclopedia dramatica, and other social websites. Accused of targeting children, disabled people, African-Americans, and those of the Jewish religion. Also, they have posted videos containing death threats, bomb threats, and posting offensive material to underaged people. Over 200 accounts have been banned with the people associated with the Yahweh clan. Most likely includes only more than twenty people creating accounts over and over again after being banned. Most of all, they have harrased people with mental issues to the point of suicide. An example of how Encyclopedia Dramatica is being abused by users who aren't just in for 'teh lolz'.
"Someone just posted my address and phone number on ED, please help me"

"A bunch of people are commenting on your user page, I think the Yahweh Clan is targetting you"
by Mazman3434 March 11, 2009
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