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A chatter who knows just enough information to make him/herself feel superior to others. One who spends his/her days Googling information to use later in chat rooms to make fellow chatters "Ooooh and Ahhhh" over them. Usually a person who's only contact with other humans is the internet. This person quite possibly e-mails Al Gore on a regular basis, thanking him for creating the internet that has enabled him to aquire so many "friends".
You'll find Yahtards in various rooms as well. Almost always followed by a group of sheep-like chatters who worship the keyboard he/she types on. You can detect a Yahloser by the topics he/she chooses to participate in.. and the lengths they'll go to - to prove their intelligence. They often pretend not to care about other's comments in the public room, yet get very defensive and start using child like behavior.

Yahtard of the month : a tie - Faust, and Cinnamon
by commitee for chataholics anonymous February 09, 2005
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